As entertainment planning goes, our team takes thinking outside the box to a new level. It's a matter of mixing ideas up, working collectively, and finding inspiration. To say we focus on the little things and details couldn't be truer, as it's the details that matter and make an event memorable.

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Areté (ah-reh-'tay) – Virtue or Excellence; to become the best one can be

Areté Singers Network consists of a cadre of artists who are excellent at their craft; always entertaining and performing for their audience.  Our singers are members of the top singing ensembles as well as, professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area music community.  Whether performing oratorio, aria, opera, jazz or musical theater, Areté Singers bring their best in every performance.



About Timothy Echavez Salaver, Founder and Music Director

Timothy Echavez Salaver is the founder and producer of Areté Singers Network, providing educated and experienced classical, opera and musical theater singers to events throughout the SF Bay Area. Tim is a multi-part vocalist, director, producer, and writer. He sings baritone with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus and performed on their 1995 Grammy-award winning recording of Johannes Brahms A German Requiem. Tim is the Tenor Section Lead with the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Choir. He also sings tenor with the University of California Alumni Chorus. He has performed with the Livermore Valley Opera. He was the chorus master for the National Tour of Symphony for our World and The Legend of Zelda - Symphony of the Goddesses, singing tenor and alto.   Click HERE for more information.